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    A good place to enjoy the cherry: Wuxi Jingui Park fitness trail! Fitness, outing two complete! Beauty and beauty~

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    Due to the impact of the epidemic, the arrival of this spring not only brings you a pleasant spring, but also has a far-reaching significance, bringing people confidence and strength, hope and beauty. Now, there are hundreds of flowers blooming in cities all over the country. They are competing for beauty, and the plants are blooming!

    I believe that you have been screened by cherry blossom in Wuhan recently. In fact, there are not only beautiful cherry blossoms in Wuhan, but also a good place for you to combine full garden cherry blossom with professional fitness. That is Wuxi Golden Chamber park!!


    As the largest free cherry spot in Wuxi,
    Every March and April,
    It's the hottest time in Jingui park,
    10 varieties, such as Ranjing Jiye and Sakura
    Nearly 5000 cherry trees are in full bloom,
    It's like a cloud like a sunset, which makes people drunk.
    Besides, what's more important is that,
    There is a professional and environmentally friendly fitness path for Tongxin,
    Great for family size
    Spring flowers, sports and fitness!
    Beautiful! Beautiful!
    There are pictures and there is truth. I have collected large and high-definition pictures for you. First, let's have a wave of "online cloud appreciation" of cherry blossom in Jinkui Park, Wuxi, "online cloud appreciation" of Tongxin sports prefabricated fitness trail~

     Wuxi Jingui Park Fitness footpath, laid in 2017, with a width of 1.8m and a total length of about 3.7km, is paved with Tongxin prefabricated rubber footpath products

    It's a pleasant spring, but it's still in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. Everyone should wear masks and travel through different peaks when going out for outings and sports~

    No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come!

    Under the beautiful cherry blossom, Tongxin sports wishes you all good health and national security!

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    Click hyperlink:720 degree panoramic view Wuxi Jingui Park fitness trail and cherry blossom picture are waiting for you~

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