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    Guangdong sports industry units and enterprises return to work in an orderly manner

    Number of views:1509 Date:2020-03-24

            The reporter recently learned from the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau that all major sports industry units, enterprises and bases in Guangdong should do a good job in group prevention and control, and promote safe and orderly resumption of production.

            Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center standardized and improved the measures of prevention and control according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and achieved good results. During the epidemic period, Tianhe Sports Center set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, strengthened gate management, personnel management, strict body temperature inspection, reduced gathering activities, standardized and improved epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthened environmental health management, formulated limited opening plans for stadiums and gymnasiums according to relevant guidelines, and achieved multi-objective optimization of epidemic prevention and control, venue opening and national fitness.

            Shenzhen good family industry Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of the government, and Shenzhen headquarters and branches all returned to work according to the requirements of the government.

            Guangzhou tongxinkang sports equipment Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise of prefabricated rubber sports surface layer. At present, the production line of the workshop of the company has basically resumed production, and the output has basically reached the daily average output before the epidemic. Raw material procurement, logistics and transportation are strictly controlled by the company. At present, the production line runs smoothly and the logistics is smooth.

            Zhuhai Jiuzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd. has partially resumed production. During the epidemic prevention and control period, its Jiuzhou navigation company participated in the recording and sharing of professional knowledge of the online public welfare class "extraordinary navigation class" initiated by China Yachting Association.

            In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Guangzhou Pisces sporting goods Group Co., Ltd. responded quickly and implemented epidemic prevention measures to ensure that enterprises resumed their work normally. Carry out investigation and dynamic tracking of all upstream suppliers' return to work and production, transportation, comprehensively grasp the material supply and adjust the supply structure.

            Guangzhou Yuexiu national sports industry demonstration base, set up a special class for resumption of work, provide classified guidance, coordinate and help enterprises to solve practical problems in resumption of work; carry out enterprise research, strengthen policy guidance, promote key projects, set up a wechat group of Yuexiu District Sports Tourism warm enterprise service, strengthen contact with enterprises, visit warm enterprises on the spot, and jointly plan industrial development ideas after the epidemic.

            Guangzhou IQI Industrial Co., Ltd. will resume work in two phases: in the early stage, the home office mechanism and the rotating duty mechanism will be started, and in the later stage, all employees will be arranged to work early in the evening and travel at different peak to avoid the flow of people and reduce the risk.

                Article from: China sports daily

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